Sen. Ellman

SPRINGFIELD – Thanks to a new law sponsored by State Senator Laura Ellman, park districts can now enter agreements to procure solar energy.

“Recent funding opportunities, such as the Open Space Land Acquisition and Development Grant, have allowed park districts in our community to expand their efforts in providing safe green spaces,” said Ellman (D-Naperville). “Empowering park districts to access solar energy contracts helps them to maintain natural resources and green spaces by using renewable resources.”

Ellman’s new law allows park districts to enter into a lease, contract or other agreement related to the acquisition of solar energy. These agreements can include the installation, maintenance, and service of solar panels, equipment, or similar technology related to solar energy.

Under previous law, contract agreements were limited to three years, and leases for solar energy-related equipment were limited to eight years. Ellman’s law extends the maximum term of solar leases and other contracts to 20 years to give park districts flexibility in their acquisition.

“Clean energy is a newer frontier, especially for local organizations,” said Ellman. “Helping local park districts who have expressed interest in making the switch to clean energy reach their goals will decrease Illinois’ air pollution and cement our state as a leader in combatting climate change.”

House Bill 2192 was signed into law Friday and takes effect immediately.