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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Laura Ellman (D-Naperville) was appointed to the Illinois Legislative Audit Commission Friday. Ellman is one of six senators who will serve on the bipartisan commission.

“I’m pleased to be given the opportunity to continue the important work of the commission on behalf of the people of Illinois and the 21st district,” Ellman said. “Ensuring bipartisan oversight of our      state agencies is a necessity to any functioning government.”

The bipartisan commission is responsible for the oversight of the State Audit Program, reviews the administration of public funds,      and oversees actions to improve agency policies. The membership includes 12 legislators appointed by members of the Senate and House of Representatives and is equally assigned between the two chambers and parties.

The commission is mandated to review all audits conducted by the State Auditor General.

Primary responsibilities of the commission include:

• Host public hearings on all major audits of state agencies to review problems, review agency administration, and secure corrective action.

• Make recommendations to the General Assembly and agency management for corrective legislation and other methods to strengthen weaknesses revealed through audits or at commission hearings.

• Monitor agency progress in implementing corrective action.

For additional information on the commission and upcoming meetings, visit www.ilga.gov.