032922HAO013531 rNAPERVILLE – Families across Illinois have already begun to receive financial relief thanks to the Illinois Family Relief Plan, supported by State Senator Laura Ellman and members of the General Assembly.

“Many middle-class families have struggled to make ends meet throughout the uncertainly of the last couple years,” said Ellman (D-Naperville). “Hardworking people deserve a helping hand, and this plan is step in the right direction to get them back on their feet.”

Under Senate Bill 157, millions of Illinois taxpayers can expect to see up to $700 in tax rebates this fall.

The legislation states that individual filers who make less than $200,000 will receive a $50 income tax rebate, and couples who make less than $400,000 will receive $100. Filers are also eligible for $100 per dependent, with a maximum of three.

Additionally, people who paid property taxes in 2021 on their primary residence in 2020 – and make less than $250,000 individually or $500,000 jointly – are eligible for up to $300. The rebate will be equal to the property tax a resident was qualified to claim on their 2021 taxes.

People who filed taxes will automatically receive their rebate starting this week – otherwise they have until Oct. 17 to do so.

“We’re putting money back in the pockets of families across the state for them to spend as they see fit,” Ellman said. “These rebates can be spent on everyday expenses like groceries or gas, or on activities and leisure that support local businesses and economies."

More information on how the funds will be dispersed and qualification criteria is available at tax.illinois.gov/rebates.